Creative dating ideas ds 5 reasons why dating younger men is better

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Guests who attend an auction demo usually book another auction demo.To prepare, you will need to make up Funny Money(pretend 0 bills) out of green computer paper.This is a coffee table binder that guests look at during your show, giving them extra incentive and ideas on ways to entertain their guests during their own demo. Create Your Own Direct Sales Theme Book The following are some creative party theme ideas that I used in my Tupperware shows, but most can be adapted to any direct sales business.This is by far the most popular of these creative party theme ideas.Each of these women will have an opportunity to participate in a fundraiser, and many will be on the committees to decide what they choose as a fundraiser.You want to make sure that they know that your company offers fundraisers.

For those who are interested, I will invite them to one of my semi-annual Mystery Hostess Parties.Bridal showers are very profitable, and there is an index of free home party games to play at your showers on this site.Have your hostess call each guest 24 hours before the show to ask them to bring a banana with them.Guests earn "Funny Money" for: Always, always put a page in your creative party theme ideas book about Wedding Showers.Many companies, like Tupperware, encourage customers to register for a gift registry.

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