Dating a check in the future

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We always post-date our rent check for the 5th - the day that it's actually due - even though we always make sure that they have the check by the first or second.

It's never a problem; they hold it, then a few days after the fifth it appears on our bank statement as having been cashed.

I've read numerous posts about printing postdated cheques and it doesn't get any easier than changing the date then clicking "print", so what's going on? Thanks Edit > Preferences > Chequing > Company Preferences:"Change non-cleared cheque date when cheque is printed."' data-inline-edit-type='wysiwyg' data-inline-edit-url='/answers/1939163' id='inline_edit_answer_1939163_body' People come to Quick Books Learn & Support for help and answers—we want to let them know that we're here to listen and share our knowledge.

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I tell the computer when the money needs to be in the recipient's account.What are my rights in this situation between me and the landlord?Was it illegal of them to deposit the check before the fifth, or is post-dating merely a suggestion with no legal basis? The date on the check is merely for reference (except to the extent that a personal check is not valid after typically 6 months from the issue date) and neither the bank nor the payee has any legal obligation to honor it.Crediting a bank account to which the funds will be made available at a later date.It is done electronically, with the permission of the account holder.

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