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He should not be service-oriented but should be duty-oriented.If a government policy which has been approved by the Parliament, is against the society, a service-oriented mindset can show resistance in implementing it.My family thought of sending me to Delhi for interview coaching (Facepalm, they never understand), when I said no, they asked me to take at least mock interviews.I still had some ideological conflicts about the whole “preparation” stage. I did not want to attend mock interview sessions because I did not want to hide my true personality.Some emails have enlightened me and I tried to ignore some harsh emails too.

Before I start, I would like to thank profusely for the overwhelming response that I got for the previous two articles.

I appreciate all the gestures and I hope I continue to help and serve people.

Now, instead of just concentrating on what happened in Delhi during my interview, I would like to talk about my journey from December till April too.

Many people want respect in the society so they attempt this examination, and there is nothing wrong in it. If someone wants to truly “serve” people, they should open an NGO instead.

IAS officers do serve people but that is only because it is an indirect result of the “duty” that they are supposed to do.

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