Iphone play count not updating itunes

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Your new i Phone will arrive blank and ready for the old i Phone backup to be installed.Without even touching the i Phone’s screen, you can plug it directly into your computer, then load i Tunes, and be presented with a Welcome to Your New i Phone screen.This will give you the option to turn off Activation Lock, Apple’s security feature that links your i Phone to your i Cloud account (and makes it locatable via Find My i Phone).Once you’ve disabled Activation Lock and erased your phone, it’s ready to resell, but there may still be traces of it in your i Tunes and i Cloud accounts.I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to completely removing the i Phone from your Apple accounts here.

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Relatively few things will need to be set up directly on the i Phone if you chose an encrypted backup.

Yes, i Cloud is convenient: incremental backups tend to take place completely wirelessly at night when your phone is recharging, and you can restore your i Phone from any place where you have a Wi-Fi connection.

But i Cloud is also exceptionally slow, both for full initial backups and full device restores.

That’s a major time-saving, hassle-saving step that you’ll only truly appreciate once you’ve tried it: restoring from an encrypted backup means you don’t have to enter passwords over and over again during the restoration process.

Once the dot and the check are selected, hit the Back Up Now button.

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