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I think the number of REALLY great men FAR outnumber the idiots here in San Francisco. What we gotta do, is stop giving attention to the dum-dums. just hoping we are wrong and When really, we need to trust that instinct. But too often we’ll try to convince ourselves otherwise… How often do you wish you would have listened to that gut feeling? Being conscious of your surroundings is a great way to connect with people around you.All that rugged western coastline is meant to be shared with your friends and family, and those lovely rolling mountains to the east just can’t be enjoyed without someone at your side.Welcome to the premier site for dating in San Francisco for singles. Theirs is a city of ups and downs, art, culture, life, and new things. knows that California is the best, but San Franciscans know it the best. Men don’t want to settle down.” “It’s too hard finding a guy who hasn’t dated at least one of my friends.” “No one really ‘dates’ here.

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There’s a reason you’re here–the Californian mindset rings true somewhere deep in your soul, and you know that no other place could possibly give you the things you need to be happy in your environment.

Loving San Francisco is just as normal as falling in love with another San Franciscan.

So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in San Francisco, you've come to the right place to find others like you.

Living in San Francisco means taking a healthy approach to all the ways that you live, from the foods you eat to the way you treat all those trees.

It’s not eccentric tree-hugging; it’s just the best way to live.

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