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Some individuals with developmental disabilities only require modest support and training while others require intensive clinical services and daily care and supervision for their personal needs and safety.We ask that you take the time to become familiar with the needs of persons with developmental disabilities who are served in your community .From the fire escape, Valerija pointed out Sevnica’s main sights: the twinkling River Sava, Grad Sevnica (a 12 “I live in Melanija’s old apartment,” said Valerija – the First Lady’s childhood home. “They’ve just had this thing happen to them,” said Tanja about Sevnica. On a nearby estate of detached villas, one property was marked out by an impressive array of CCTV cameras.“They didn’t ask for it.” We drove to Naselje Haroja Maroka, a working class area where Valerija’s family now occupies Melania’s old apartment. “Always going out, But never part of the crowd.” We surveyed the brutal multi-storey Communist-era blocks. The lawn was neatly mown, paintwork freshly done – but the only sign of life was a black cat trotting furtively by.The council acts in an advisory capacity to the We are concerned about the quality of life of people with developmental disabilities such as mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, neurological impairments and learning disabilities.

Through our Executive Board, Standing Committees and Special Events, we provide a forum for the discussion of issues, provide information and support to families, and advocate for the social and economic issues that affect the quality of life of the people we serve.

Melanija Knavs, as she was called before she became Melania Trump, grew up in Sevnica when Slovenia was part of Tito’s Yugoslavia. I disturbed a police van loitering in the darkness and followed the railway tracks towards the youth hostel. They drink, eat salami, then end up with a striptease in the bar.

Her parents, Viktor and Amalija, were a car dealer and textile factory pattern cutter respectively. Eat salami, drink much.” Later, I would realise that Melania has infiltrated even this bastion of testosterone: this year, a new variety of salami was being debuted. It was located on the top floor of the secondary school, access via the fire escape. At least, that’s what usually happens.” At Grad Sevnica, manager Rok Petancic met me in the gift shop. It’s public relations.” Talking of public relations, around town there were no Melania photographs.

“We had a party for the election, but nobody really cares.” He was wrong, though: I cared.

I wanted to know how this nondescript Slovenian town had influenced the First Lady of the United States.

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