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The method I used gave it borders and he didn't like that either. I was thinking there should be a way to do this off of USB stick into the TV. VLC is a freeware media player capable of playing virtually all media formats and codecs used with media files.There are 2 ways of inserting your Flash clips into a Power Point presentation: the quicker way requires the i Spring Converter Pro add-in, while the longer way allows you to do it with existing Power Point features. Check the following tutorials: Before getting down to adding a Flash movie, you have to make sure that your computer has Adobe Flash Player installed and that the Active X control is registered.

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Windows Media Player allows you to watch DVD movies, listen to music and upload files to portable media players such as MP3 players.

The same bug might exist in older builds as well, but 9926 is the only one getting it through Windows Update, so make sure that you deploy it in order to get the upcoming builds as soon as they're released.

Windows 10 is very likely to get a new build sometime this month, but Microsoft hasn't yet provided any specs for this particular release.

i Spring offers you the quickest way to insert a Flash movie into your presentation.

Download i Spring Converter Pro, on the i Spring toolbar in your Power Point click the Flash button, and browse for the file you’d like to insert. Apart from inserting Flash, i Spring Converter Pro allows you to convert Power Point presentations themselves into Flash movies, packaging all the multimedia resources into a single . In the Flash format, the presentation is much more compact and it makes your presentation ready to be uploaded to any website or blog, emailed or viewed from any computer.

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