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, it included the lines: "I am just a regular man / With a regular 9-5 / That does regular things / But you let the characters he plays / And the pictures he takes / Interfere with our relationship /I'm building companionship / But he's your man crush / When it's me you should be crushing on." Idris seemed to enjoy the joke a supercool image of himself with the caption: "I am NOT sorry I'm Idris Elba.

This happy phase in his life is probably down to his new love.

Believe it or not, the former Take That singer was thought to be a contender after posing as Bond in his “Millennium” movie video (shot at Pinewood Studios no less).

Sadly the casting director quickly ruled him out as “not quite what we're looking for”.

He'd rather have banter at the bar than spend all night (hitting) on women.In 1998 he married other Idris Elba girlfriend and made Kim, that is his name known as Kim Elba, thus their relationship did not last for so long, because they ended in 2003.His former wife is a make u artist and she works with actors and with movies and does make up, but their relationships were not meant to be.It appears that now she is dancing in King of Diamonds gentlemen club and this one is much better than the one she used to dance before meeting Idris, so he made her carrier work.Thus Idris Elba girlfriend does not exist at the moment apparently he can be happy with almost anyone and when he finds the right girl than he will become happy.

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